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Jobs posted by businesses seeking talent grew 52% year-over-year and 32% during the first quarter while contractors from over 130 different countries earned 51% more year-over-year.

office-worker, the leading site for online employment, reports that hiring is up for online positions – both for employees and freelancers.
Where the Online Jobs Are
New York City tops the list of hiring cities at number one, followed by Los Angeles, San Francisco and Brooklyn. As far as type of job, operations has a large increase (24%) increase in job postings, followed by creating, marketing, and IT.

  • Online work a bright spot in hard hit regions - More than a dozen cities with unemployment rates above 10% rank in the top 50 earning cities on Elance, including three of the top 10 earning cities (L.A., San Francisco and Portland).
  • Online job growth - Austin, Texas rose 10 spots in IT skills. San Jose, California become the Most Organized City in the US. Amarillo, TX retained its number 1 position in Creative, and east coast powerhouse New York City holds on to its title as most Marketing Savvy City.
  • Tech trends drive job growth - For Apple, a successful launch of the Verizon iPhone and the iPad 2 kept iPhone and iPad skills in high demand (top 40 on Elance) and businesses seeking iOS developers spiked in Q1 with 115% growth. Android moved up two spots to number 36 on the list. HTML5 had a 46% increase in demand.